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We stock two kinds of Fishin' worms
- of course, a hungry fish will probably bite any kind of worm..............but these two seem to be the favorites!

 African Nightcrawlers
"Eudrillus eugeniae"
Our large, wiggly African Nightcrawlers are a favorite amongst our local fishermen and are gaining popularity throughout the United States.
Part of the Redworm family, these guys are the most prolific and aggressive worm. We sell our worms by the pound and ship worms globally. With over 20,000 square feet of worm beds, we have a substantial supply throughout the year.
For more information on our worms, availability and care visit our website at:

African Nightcrawlers


Hybrid Red Wigglers

"Amynthus (Pheretima) Hawayanus"


Our Hybrid Red Wigglers are an old favorite for fishing bait. As with the African Nightcrawlers, they do not require refrigeration. They are happy in warmer temperatures.


Fishermen have said that they have a tougher skin than many worms and are noted for staying on the hook.


For further information, care and pricing, check out our Best Buy Worms website at:



Hybrid Red Wigglers

Best Buy Worms.................................
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